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Alex Martel
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  1. Effects of Midazolam and Midazolam-Butorphanol on Gastrointestinal Transit Time and Motility in Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus).
    Martel, A, Mans, C, Doss, GA, Williams, JM.
    J. Avian Med. Surg.32,2018. PubMed PMID:31112641
  2. Creating a National Specimen Referral System in Guinea: Lessons From Initial Development and Implementation.
    Standley, CJ, Muhayangabo, R, Bah, MS, Barry, AM, Bile, E, Fischer, JE, Heegaard, W, Koivogui, L, Lakiss, SK, Sorrell, EM, VanSteelandt, A, Dahourou, AG, Martel, LD.
    Front Public Health.7,2019. PubMed PMID:31111025
  3. The chemical and visual basis in the pollination of the neotropical sexually deceptive orchid Telipogon peruvianus (Orchidaceae).
    Martel, C, Francke, W, Ayasse, M.
    New Phytol.,2019. PubMed PMID:31074029
  4. Implementation facilitation to promote emergency department-initiated buprenorphine for opioid use disorder: protocol for a hybrid type III effectiveness-implementation study (Project ED HEALTH).
    D'Onofrio, G, Edelman, EJ, Hawk, KF, Pantalon, MV, Chawarski, MC, Owens, PH, Martel, SH, VanVeldhuisen, P, Oden, N, Murphy, SM, Huntley, K, O'Connor, PG, Fiellin, DA.
    Implement Sci.14,2019. PubMed PMID:31064390
  5. Hormetic Effects of Phytochemicals on Health and Longevity.
    Martel, J, Ojcius, DM, Ko, YF, Ke, PY, Wu, CY, Peng, HH, Young, JD.
    Trends Endocrinol. Metab.,2019. PubMed PMID:31060881
  6. Sex differences in negative affect and postoperative pain in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty.
    Nandi, M, Schreiber, KL, Martel, MO, Cornelius, M, Campbell, CM, Haythornthwaite, JA, Smith, MT Jr, Wright, J, Aglio, LS, Strichartz, G, Edwards, RR.
    Biol Sex Differ.10,2019. PubMed PMID:31060622
  7. Assessing health systems in Guinea for prevention and control of priority zoonotic diseases: A One Health approach.
    Standley, CJ, Carlin, EP, Sorrell, EM, Barry, AM, Bile, E, Diakite, AS, Keita, MS, Koivogui, L, Mane, S, Martel, LD, Katz, R.
    One Health.7,2019. PubMed PMID:31049389
  8. Influence of Polishing Systems on Surface Roughness of Composite Resins: Polishability of Composite Resins.
    St-Pierre, L, Martel, C, Crépeau, H, Vargas, MA.
    Oper Dent.44,. PubMed PMID:31046648
  9. An Interscholastic Network to Generate LexA Enhancer Trap Lines in Drosophila.
    Kockel, L, Griffin, C, Ahmed, Y, Fidelak, L, Rajan, A, Gould, EP, Haigney, M, Ralston, B, Tercek, RJ, Galligani, L, Rao, S, Huq, L, Bhargava, HK, Dooner, AC, Lemmerman, EG, Malusa, RF, Nguyen, TH, Chung, JS, Gregory, SM, Kuwana, KM, Regenold, JT, Wei, A, Ashton, J, Dickinson, P, Martel, K, Cai, C, Chen, C, Price, S, Qiao, J, Shepley, D, Zhang, J, Chalasani, M, Nguyen, K, Aalto, A, Kim, B, Tazawa-Goodchild, E, Sherwood, A, Rahman, A, Wu, SYC, Lotzkar, J, Michaels, S, Aristotle, H, Clark, A, Gasper, G, Xiang, E, Schlör, FL, Lu, M, Haering, K, Friberg, J, Kuwana, A, Lee, J, Liu, A, Norton, E, Hamad, L, Lee, C, Okeremi, D, diTullio, H, Dumoulin, K, Chi, SYG, Derossi, GS, Horowitch, RE, Issa, EC, Le, DT, Morales, BC, Noori, A, Shao, J, Cho, S, Hoang, MN, Johnson, IM, Lee, KC, Lee, M, Madamidola, EA, Schmitt, KE, Byan, G, Park, T, Chen, J, Monovoukas, A, Kang, MJ, McGowan, T, Walewski, JJ, Simon, B, Zu, SJ, Miller, GP, Fitzpatrick, KB, Lantz, N, Fox, E, Collette, J, Kurtz, R, Duncan, C, Palmer, R, Rotondo, C, Janicki, E, Chisholm, T, Rankin, A, Park, S, Kim, SK.
    G3 (Bethesda).,2019. PubMed PMID:31040111
  10. Design and Validation of an Automated Process for the Expansion of Peripheral Blood-Derived CD34+ Cells for Clinical Use After Myocardial Infarction.
    Saucourt, C, Vogt, S, Merlin, A, Valat, C, Criquet, A, Harmand, L, Birebent, B, Rouard, H, Himmelspach, C, Jeandidier, É, Chartois-Leauté, AG, Derenne, S, Koehl, L, Salem, JE, Hulot, JS, Tancredi, C, Aries, A, Judé, S, Martel, E, Richard, S, Douay, L, Hénon, P.
    Stem Cells Transl Med.,2019. PubMed PMID:31037857
  11. [Orbital exenteration of tumoral origin].
    De Faria, A, Alketbi, M, Podeur, P, Lagier, J, Martel, A.
    J Fr Ophtalmol.,2019. PubMed PMID:31027855
  12. Molecular Evolution of Pseudomonas syringae Type III Secreted Effector Proteins.
    Dillon, MM, Almeida, RND, Laflamme, B, Martel, A, Weir, BS, Desveaux, D, Guttman, DS.
    Front Plant Sci.10,2019. PubMed PMID:31024592
  13. Recurrence Patterns and Timing Courses Following Curative-Intent Resection for Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.
    Hu, LS, Zhang, XF, Weiss, M, Popescu, I, Marques, HP, Aldrighetti, L, Maithel, SK, Pulitano, C, Bauer, TW, Shen, F, Poultsides, GA, Soubrane, O, Martel, G, Koerkamp, BG, Itaru, E, Pawlik, TM.
    Ann. Surg. Oncol.,2019. PubMed PMID:31020501
  14. A Multi-Institutional International Analysis of Textbook Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Curative-Intent Resection of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.
    Merath, K, Chen, Q, Bagante, F, Alexandrescu, S, Marques, HP, Aldrighetti, L, Maithel, SK, Pulitano, C, Weiss, MJ, Bauer, TW, Shen, F, Poultsides, GA, Soubrane, O, Martel, G, Koerkamp, BG, Guglielmi, A, Itaru, E, Cloyd, JM, Pawlik, TM.
    JAMA Surg.,2019. PubMed PMID:31017645
  15. Validation of a simple screening test for elementary visuo-spatial perception deficit.
    Pisella, L, Martel, M, Roy, AC, Vuillerot, C, Gonzalez-Monge, S.
    Ann Phys Rehabil Med.,2019. PubMed PMID:31009800
  16. Development and validation of the Treatment Expectations in Chronic Pain Scale.
    Pagé, MG, Ziemianski, D, Martel, MO, Shir, Y.
    Br J Health Psychol.,2019. PubMed PMID:30989756
  17. Moderate maternal folic acid supplementation ameliorates adverse embryonic and epigenetic outcomes associated with assisted reproduction in a mouse model.
    Rahimi, S, Martel, J, Karahan, G, Angle, C, Behan, NA, Chan, D, MacFarlane, AJ, Trasler, JM.
    Hum. Reprod.34,2019. PubMed PMID:30989206
  18. [Surgical removal of a huge intra orbital wood foreign body].
    Martel, A, Fevrier, E, Nahon, S, Grosse, JP, Baillif, S.
    J Fr Ophtalmol.42,2019. PubMed PMID:30979556
  19. Influence of the Soluble⁻Insoluble Ratios of Cyclodextrins Polymers on the Viscoelastic Properties of Injectable Chitosan⁻Based Hydrogels for Biomedical Application.
    Palomino-Durand, C, Lopez, M, Cazaux, F, Martel, B, Blanchemain, N, Chai, F.
    Polymers (Basel).11,2019. PubMed PMID:30960198
  20. Relevance of emergency head CT scan for fall in the elderly person.
    Pages, PJ, Boncoeur-Martel, MP, Dalmay, F, Salle, H, Caire, F, Mounayer, C, Rouchaud, A.
    J Neuroradiol.,2019. PubMed PMID:30951766
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