Jee Lee

Jee LeeSequencing Technician B.Sc. University of Ottawa, Biopharmaceutical Science, 2009M.Sc. University of Ottawa, Biochemistry, 2011 Publications:

Julia Copeland

Julia CopelandSequencing Technician / BioinformaticsMicrobiome Specialist Publications:

Yunchen Gong

Yunchen GongBioinformatician B.A. Fudan University, Biology, 1986M.Sc. Yangzhou University, Animal Science, 1997Ph.D. McGill University, Animal Science, 2005 Publications:

Lucía Graña

Lucía Graña, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow BSc, Biology, University of the Republic, Uruguay 2011MSc, Ecology and Evolution, University of the Republic, Uruguay 2015PhD, Biomedical Sciences, Autonomous University of Mexico 2019 Publications:

Oscar Montoya

Oscar Montoya, M.Sc., B.I.T. B.Sc. Universidad del Valle, Colombia, Biology 2010M.Sc. University of Calgary, Environmental Microbiology, 2017 Publications:

Ceda Bundalovic-Torma

Cedoljub (Ceda) Bundalovic-Torma, PhD.Postdoctoral Fellow BSc, Biochemistry (Honours), McMaster University, 2008 MSc, Computational Engineering and Science, McMaster University, 2010 PhD, Biochemistry, University of Toronto 2018 Publications:

Nadia Morales

Nadia Morales, PhD.Postdoctoral Fellow B.Sc. Universidad de los Andes, Microbiology / Molecular Biology, 2008 Ph.D. University of Western Ontario, Biology, 2015 Email: Publications: Microbial diversity in leaves, trunk and … Continue Reading →